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Periodontal Disease

prevention-artPeriodontal disease, what is it? We hear so much about it... The term , if you break it down, is perio-meaning around..Dontal refers to the teeth-i.e. dental. So periodontal disease refers to a disease process in the structures surrounding the teeth. More specifically the gums and bone.


This can range gingivitis, an inflammation of the gum tissues to periodontosis , which is destruction of the bone tissues around the teeth eventually resulting loose teeth with eventual tooth loss. These are the two extremes with multiple stages of severity in between.


During a thorough dental examination these conditions can be discovered and measured. Dental x-rays, a a thorough probing, and visual exam by the dentist and dental hygienist can determine the existence and extent of the disease process as well as recommending the proper course of treatment.


Other factors may come in to play such as lack of consistent dental care, smoking, drug usage, general health, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other systemic issues that affect the health and chemistry of the gums and bone. We know that STRESS can affect the immune system and can predispose and aggravate most disease processes . Stress can also be a factor in the healing process once treatment is instituted.


Treatment may range from a simple cleaning and scaling to deep scaling(root planning and scaling) with local anesthesia. More advanced case may require use of a dental laser and in extreme cases gum surgery or even removable of hopelessly affected teeth.


If you have any questions regarding periodontal disease you may contact my office to schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns in person, without any obligation whatsoever.


Thank you

Joel A. Stoke D.D.S.