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Periodontal Disease

prevention-artPeriodontal disease, what is it? We hear so much about it... The term , if you break it down, is perio-meaning around..Dontal refers to the teeth-i.e. dental. So periodontal disease refers to a disease process in the structures surrounding the teeth. More specifically the gums and bone.


This can range gingivitis, an inflammation of the gum tissues to periodontosis , which is destruction of the bone tissues around the teeth eventually resulting loose teeth with eventual tooth loss. These are the two extremes with multiple stages of severity in between.


During a thorough dental examination these conditions can be discovered and measured. Dental x-rays, a a thorough probing, and visual exam by the dentist and dental hygienist can determine the existence and extent of the disease process as well as recommending the proper course of treatment.


Other factors may come in to play such as lack of consistent dental care, smoking, drug usage, general health, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other systemic issues that affect the health and chemistry of the gums and bone. We know that STRESS can affect the immune system and can predispose and aggravate most disease processes . Stress can also be a factor in the healing process once treatment is instituted.


Treatment may range from a simple cleaning and scaling to deep scaling(root planning and scaling) with local anesthesia. More advanced case may require use of a dental laser and in extreme cases gum surgery or even removable of hopelessly affected teeth.


If you have any questions regarding periodontal disease you may contact my office to schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns in person, without any obligation whatsoever.


Thank you

Joel A. Stoke D.D.S.

What is a dental implant?

Dr. Stokes explains an option for patients that may be missing 1 or more teeth.


What is a dental implant? 

A dental implant, in the most modern technology refers to cylinders of surgical grade titanium that are placed surgically in dental bone to replace one or more missing natural teeth. The implant, or implants support one or more missing teeth which can be either cement or screw retained depending on the requirements of the particular situation. The implants can actually help prevent further shrinkage (resorption) of bone which is common in areas where teeth have been lost.


Studies support that properly placed implants have over a ninety percent success rate. Recently, two of my patients received a complete dental implant restoration for both upper and lower arches of teeth.


One patient had been missing all teeth for at least fifteen years. The other was suffering from chronic gum and bone deterioration for years which required the removal of all remaining teeth, the only possible treatment choice.


With the assistance of an oral surgeon, these extreme, but not rare situations were treated and both patients left my office with upper and lower fixed not removable teeth. This technique is now commonly referred to as the all-on-four.


More information regarding dental implants can be provided at a private consultation in my office. All treatment plans are developed the same as if the patient is a member of my own immediate family.


This is exciting technology!

Dental Care for Seniors

ecd 2013 final-81-400As our population ages, for seniors the focus is usually not as much on appearance or cosmetic dentistry, but on dentistry related to overall health and longevity.
Consistently, I have witnessed senior patients with broken teeth (with accompanying infections), swollen gums, as well as one or usually multiple missing teeth.
Dental infections can spread through the bloodstream and the lymphatic system, causing pain, and taxing the immune system. Infections and missing teeth can also make it difficult to chew food depriving the senior of much needed nutrition. These patients commonly have digestive system problems and nutritional deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, and proteins).
At Eastern Canyon Dental we are trained to discover and make suggestions on how to help seniors to achieve better oral and general health.
My training allows me to show patients to stay out of the dental chair especially the emergency chair.   For those patients that come into my office with health concerns, I coordinate dental care with the patients treating medical providers to ensure all health concerns are addressed prior to the patient receiving dental care. 


Has it been a long time since you visited the dentist. Are you afraid of what the dentist might say to the point of being so embarrassed that you put off or avoid going at all? These are not uncommon feelings with the patients that I see and treat. No need to feel bad or even guilty about not seeing the dentist for a while. Every patient deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.


When a patient comes to our office, this is the way they are treated...no criticisms or judgments just a friendly discussion as to what is possible , as if you are a member of my immediate family.


Just a short call for an appointment to meet the doctor is all it takes to get started.